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Personal Savings Accounts

We offer Telephone Teller Touch tone banking which you can access from your cell or home phone any time 24/7.  This provides your account balance, most recent withdrawals, most recent electronic transaction activity and most recent deposit activity.

  Statement Savings Minor Custodial Savings
Under 18 years of age (UTMA)
Minimum to Open $100 $10
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest $300 $10
~Monthly Fee $3 None if active*
~Balance Requirement to avoid Monthly Fee $300 None
Free Notary Yes Yes
Free Telephone Banking Yes Yes
Free Image Statement or Paper Statement Quarterly Quarterly
Free Paper Statement Quarterly Quarterly
Free Online Banking Yes No
Free Bill Pay No No
ATM Card Free ATM Card NO ATM Card

*Inactive and Dormant Fees of $3 a month are assessed after 1 year of inactivity.